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Body Lift

Some people, after having experienced a drastic weight loss, notice that their silhouette, in spite of the least of them, is not as they had imagined it. This is due in large part to the excess of skin that “hangs” on some parts of the body, especially noticeable in the area of ​​the abdomen, hips and buttocks.

The flaccidity of the tissues translates into a loss of the harmony of the body contour, which in turn generates feelings of dissatisfaction and insecurity in those who suffer from this aesthetic problem. The body lift, also known as body lift or lipectomy, is in these cases one of the most appropriate cosmetic surgery procedures.

“The massive loss of weight has as a consequence that the elasticity of the skin does not achieve the necessary retraction to be coupled with the absence of subcutaneous fat. In these cases, a tummy tuck or lipectomy is recommended, “says Dr. Federico Cardona, reconstructive plastic surgeon of FCEstetica.

To remove the exaggerated and circumferential excess of skin when there has been a significant loss of weight, it is best to resort to a body lift, an intervention that ends with the pendulums of abdomen tissue, lower back, hips, pubis, buttocks and cartridge belts.

Thanks to this procedure, body aesthetics can be perfected, since the skin that looked like a dress two sizes larger than ours is completely corrected and now the patient can show off his figure without any problem or fear of rejection because his skin It hangs like an elephant’s.

The best candidates

At present there are many women and even men who are interested in losing kilos, since they want not only to improve their aesthetics, but also take care of their health in general, therefore, they opt for treatments or diets that help them lose weight; however, the work does not end there, since later, once kilos are lost, the battle begins to remove that skin that now looks flaccid. To correct this imperfection, exercise is not enough, you need more, something like body lift.

Carrying out important changes in our lifestyle, which can range from starting to exercise to completely modifying our diet, often leads to weight loss. When the thinning is significant, the skin may have varying degrees of flaccidity, presenting an unattractive appearance.

Although the body lift is usually associated to people who have undergone gastric or intestinal surgery, with weight losses that can range from 30 to 100kg, this procedure is also indicated to treat other cases: recover the figure after a multiple pregnancy or shape the silhouette after losing weight non-surgically or after undergoing liposuction.

Therefore, those people who have presented a pregnancy and who do not want to become pregnant are candidates, because that is how the results will have been worthwhile and will be enjoyed for a longer time. Those patients who want a considerable weight loss and seek to show a stylized body will also be candidates.

Now, the patients who can undergo this procedure are those who already have a stabilized weight, that is, they will not go up and lose weight constantly.

People who are not smokers, who do not have health problems and especially people who are committed to seeing a change in their body will be the perfect candidates.


It is not considered a simple intervention, because we do not forget that it seeks to improve body contour at 360 degrees. In addition, in the procedure it is necessary that the specialist respect the harmony of the patient, so it will be necessary to perform tests and assess whether the patient is a candidate or not to such procedure; Know if you have enough fat to extract the necessary amount and then deposit it in the area that you want to improve or increase volume.

Due to the complexity of the procedure, it is recommended that the procedure be personalized, thus adapting to each patient.

To begin, the anesthesia is used, after that an incision is made that must be horizontal in the abdomen, until reaching the hips. The incision can also develop around the back. Through these incisions you must work the muscles around this section – abdomen, buttocks – and also try to eliminate excess fat and skin. As a final result, the patient can appreciate a more toned body.

Regarding the duration of the surgery, everything depends on the state that the patient presents and the objectives that he wishes to achieve. But on average, the body lift lasts from 6 to 8 hours for the 360.

After surgery

“Rest is absolutely necessary during the first hours after the intervention,” according to Dr. José M. Linares, a specialist in Plastic, Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery After about 24 hours, the patient can get up, with help, and give Some short walks, many will notice difficulties at the time of fully stand, should spend a few days until this point can be taken without discomfort.You can make normalized life after 7 or 8 days, although during the next 3 or 4 weeks you should Avoid making sudden movements or excessive stresses.

However, to preserve the results for longer, it is necessary for the patient to modify their eating habits, abandon a sedentary life. To make this process easier, it is necessary to ask for professional advice with experts in nutrition and endocrinology. Also, it is a good option to leave bad habits (smoking, alcoholic beverages …)

Before the intervention it is recommended that you discuss with the specialist what your expectations are, what results you want to obtain. It is also important to mention what health problems you have faced lately, if you are allergic to any type of medication, if you currently take medications, what previous surgeries you have presented.

In this evaluation period, the specialist is responsible for assessing your health in general in order to rule out any likelihood of risk. For the before and after, it is important that you take your measurements; It’s the way you can observe the changes. During this assessment is also responsible for explaining what options you have, what is the best technique and what is the procedure. It is common to talk about the results that can occur, as well as complications. The intake of aspirin or drugs that may affect coagulation are discarded.

Regarding the results, body lift or body contouring surgery is sometimes done in stages. The patient’s state and its objectives are analyzed. First you must start with the loss of weight, which lasts approximately 2 years, of course, depending on the case. Now, to appreciate the results of such surgery, the time can be long-term.

Potential risks or complications

Regarding inconveniences, these appear when the patient comes with professionals lacking experience. If the surgery is well done, bad results do not have to appear.

On the other hand, after the surgery there may be side effects, such as inflammation and redness in the treated area. Bruising and slight discomfort can also manifest.

Your new look

The patients who have undergone this surgery mention being satisfied, since their body improves in the aesthetic part, it can be presumed of a smooth abdomen, buttocks and firm and raised breasts; hips less prominent; waist with greater definition.

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