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Female genital surgery

The labiaplasty is a strictly aesthetic procedure that beautifies the labia minora without altering its functionality. Through this surgery you can reduce the size of the hypertrophic (overdeveloped) or hanging lips, correct asymmetries or irregular shapes that tend to occur in the labia minora, revitalize and give a lighter appearance to the aged or flaccid labia minora through Inject fat or increase the relief of the labia majora blurred, by injecting your own fat.

Planning your surgery

In the initial consultation, it will be extremely important that you expose us without fear or embarrassment your expectations about this surgery. Then we will proceed to examine your labia minora, to be able to indicate the most appropriate treatment to meet your expectations.

Preparing for your surgery

The ideal date to perform a surgery in the genital area is immediately after the end of the menstruation of the corresponding month. In this way, when the next menstruation occurs, the tissues will already be well healed. If the menstrual bleeding occurred before the complete healing of the wounds, it would not be a serious complication, the surgery could be done the same, but it would increase their discomfort and the risk of infections. You do not need to do any special preparation and you can continue with your usual sexual activity until the day before the surgery. We will give you specific instructions on how to prepare for surgery, including certain suggestions about what to eat and drink, about smoking, what vitamins or medications to take or avoid. Follow these instructions carefully, which will help your surgery to go unhindered and you will also have a more comfortable postoperative period. When making preparations, be sure to arrange for someone to accompany you home after surgery and help you for a few days, if necessary.

Where will your surgery be done?

The surgery is performed in our operating room, which has all the necessary medical equipment and the greatest comfort for you. You should arrive about 30 minutes before the scheduled time, to make the entry procedures, make a complete medical history, and take preoperative photographs. In your room we will give you a sedative by mouth and you can change clothes. After the surgery, he will stay in the clinic for two to four hours, until we make sure everything is in order and he can return to his home, where he will continue to rest.

Types of anesthesia

The labiaplasty can be performed with local, epidural or general anesthesia. We prefer local anesthesia, accompanied by a mild sedation, since it has many advantages with respect to general anesthesia, such as less bleeding, good cooperation on your part, rapid recovery and much less risk than general anesthesia. With this local anesthesia, you will be slightly sedated, numbing your lower lips and surrounding area, which will make you feel no pain; You will be awake during the surgery, however you will be relaxed and insensitive to pain.


The surgery lasts from one to two hours. We will reduce the length of the lips that are too long, so that they acquire an even and harmonious appearance. If the excessive length affects only one sector, we will reduce only that sector to achieve a symmetrical result. If the length affects both lips, the reduction is applied to both lips. Finally, after the removal of the excess tissue, the wound will be sutured with reabsorbable threads so that these stitches should not be removed, but will fall on their own. In the event that indicated is to return to the lower lips flaccid lost turgor or increase the volume of the labia majora to give them more definition, a small liposuction will be made in some area of your body, and by means of a very small incision, we will transplant your own fat obtaining the desired result.

After surgery

After the surgery we will place a dressing on the vulva. It is usually a surgery that does not cause great discomfort, in case of presenting it, it will be totally controlled by analgesic medication that we will prescribe, you must also take antibiotic medication for 7 days. You may have some degree of swelling or bruising in the genital area. We will give you specific indications about the type of changes you will have to make in the area during the first days. It is not necessary to remove the stitches, since a resorbable thread will be used. The scars are very small in all cases, and thanks to the excellent scarring characteristics of the tissues of the area, they become practically imperceptible in a short time. You should have relative rest for 24 hours, during which you can walk. In the following days you can go back to your activities progressively. From day 21 you can have sex with penetration again.

Potential risks or complications

Although this is a surgery with a very low percentage of complications, there are certain complications common to all surgery that must be taken into account, as well as others more specific to this procedure. After surgery, it may have some degree of asymmetry. On his lower or major lips. Adverse reactions to anesthesia. Infections, very rare if you take the antibiotics due. Bruises too big, which may need to be drained. Seromas, or fluid accumulation under the skin. In some cases they must be drained by a syringe. Temporal alterations of sensitivity. Your lips may remain for a time with a lower sensitivity, or greater, or simply different. This problem is not serious and usually corrects itself.

Your new appearance

The results of a labioplasty are permanent. Your vulva lips will look more harmonious and pleasant that will make you feel more comfortable and safe during sexual activity. If you felt uncomfortable wearing certain tight clothes like swimsuits, for example, because you were afraid that the shape of your genitals would be visible through the fabric, after the labiaplasty you will be able to use those clothes more calmly.

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