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Chin, jaw and cheekbones implant

Chin implant

The chin implant is the surgical procedure that increases the size of the chin so that it relates more harmoniously with other parts of the face such as the nose and lips.

Jaw implant

Through an oral incision we introduce an implant achieving a jaw more marked, broad and strong. This procedure is indicated especially in men.

Cheekbone implant

By making a buccal incision, an implant is introduced at the level of the cheekbones increasing the projection and volume of the cheekbones.

The best candidates

These implants increase the size of the chin, giving it more forward projection. In the profile view, it is considered pleasant that the chin and lower lip are aligned vertically. It harmonizes the contour and size relationship between the chin and the nose. That is why it is common to combine this surgery with rhinoplasty. It allows the chin to look more masculine or more feminine, according to the concepts of proportion and harmony established for each sex. There are situations that we can not improve with this type of implants such as retrognathia (problem of bite originated in the lack of projection of the lower jaw, which must be treated with orthodontics and / or orthognathic surgery). It does not solve the micrognathia (problem of bite originated in the excessively small size of the lower jaw, which must be treated with orthodontics and / or orthognathic surgery). While it greatly improves the harmony and beauty of her face, and probably also her self-esteem, it is not enough to produce absolute perfection by itself. We must be realistic and accept that such perfection does not exist.

Planning your surgery

In the initial consultation we will observe the structure of your face, as well as the way in which it bites and based on these parameters we will determine which is the appropriate technique for you.

Getting ready for your surgery

While making arrangements for surgery, make sure someone can accompany you to your home after the surgery. It will be very helpful if you inform us about smoking habits, as well as if you take any medication.

Where will your surgery be done?

The surgery is performed in the Sanatorium, which has all the necessary medical equipment and the greatest comfort for you. You should arrive about 30 minutes before the scheduled time, to make the entry procedures, make a complete medical history, and take preoperative photographs. In your room you can change clothes. After the surgery, he will stay in the clinic for between one and two hours, until we make sure everything is in order and he can return to his home, where he will continue to rest.

Types of anesthesia

Chin implant surgery is usually done under local anesthesia accompanied by gentle sedation. With this local anesthetic, you will be lightly sedated, numbing your chin and surrounding area, which will make you feel no pain; You will be awake during surgery, however you will be relaxed and insensitive to pain.


The placement of a chin implant takes between thirty minutes and an hour. During the procedure, we will make a small incision about three centimeters below your chin, trying to follow some line or natural doubles of that area, and thus be able to hide this scar. We will work through it, and we will make a pocket under the skin of your chin, and over the front of your jaw. Finally, we will place the implant in the desired position, and close the incision. We will place some paper tapes around the chin that will help to keep the implant in position, and to reduce any swelling that may occur.

After surgery

You will be able to resume your usual activities the day after the surgery, always taking care not to receive blows in the chin area. Although you should keep in mind that you may have some bruising in the chin area. Points will be remitted in seven days, and we will also do the same with the bandage. You may feel some swelling and discomfort, which is totally controlled by regular analgesic medication that we will prescribe. You should have a soft diet for the first few days after surgery. During the first days, you should sleep with your head elevated to facilitate the healing process. If you want to put on makeup, you can do it one day after the operation.

Your new look

With this surgery you will have a more harmonious face with respect to your nose and lips. Keep in mind that it takes some people a few months to accept their new image after a chin implant, as with all facial surgery. This phenomenon is more marked in older people than in young people, given the number of years they have lived with their natural chin before the operation.

Before / AntesAfter / Después

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