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Liposelection High Definition (lipo HD) or abdominal etching

Lipo High Definition in women

Society lives subjected to culturally preset canons of beauty, and the “perfect body” concept has led many people to live their lives to satisfy this goal. Throughout history “physical perfection” has changed and now we have at least 11 perfect body stereotypes for women which have stood out in the last 3000 years.

What is today’s ideal female beauty? A woman must have good breasts and bottom, yet be slim and highly toned, and look healthy. Today’s women want to appear more athletic and defined.

The concern for healthy eating has grown likewise the use of more and more natural and organic products.
Most of us women spend our lives struggling with our weight, sometimes to lose those extra kilos and others in maintaining our ideal weight. Plus this always involves a great sacrifice, i.e. wanting to be like the female prototypes appearing in magazines is becoming more difficult. And if we add to this the changes occurring throughout our life which make it difficult to follow a good diet or workout sufficiently, then the question of “staying fit” is more and more complicated.

The HiDef Marcation, enables the creation of well-defined flat abdomen, since it deepens the natural abdominal grooves to achieve natural Athletic look. The goals sought for women are different from men’s since simply defining the 3 vertical lines (equivalent of the straight abdominal muscle edges), a very pleasing result is achieved. In women who very athletic they can be defined a little more.

Arms, back, buttocks, legs and calves can also be defined in women.

Lipo High Definition in Men

SWhat is the ideal male beauty?

There are some common features, some being developed shoulders and chest making the trunk look like a “V”, strong arms, and a more or less narrow waist, just like the ideal male beauty in classical Greek-Latin art. Men who look like Greek statues are considered beautiful and as such sexually more attractive.

We can also interpret the body attributes which define a man as “beautiful” are synonymous with physical strength and sexual prowess, defense and attack.

In recent times the male torso has become the most powerful advertising image, since it is attractive for men, women, gays and heterosexuals. Thus the male body has also started to become a “consumer object” in advertising.

HiDef abdominal definition with seeks an athletic look for abdominal muscles, i.e. the so-called “six pack” offering a toned sexy appearance.

This is a dream come true for people tired of sweating and suffering in the gym who want to see their abdominals well-defined. The same goes for those tired of strict diets and all kinds of exercises without result.

I’ve operated on elite athletes who despite their workout routine were unable to eliminate certain fatty deposits. Having defined abs is no longer the achievement of film or TV artists, now this operation is quickly and safely available to almost everyone.

In the case of the abdomen, the natural wall outlines of this body area are highlighted, i.e. both horizontal and vertical grooves imitating the rectus, oblique and serratus muscles.

It can also be performed on: shoulders, arms, chest, back, buttocks and legs.

This technique is ideal for patients with few fatty deposits in the areas to be worked, enabling strong muscular appearance to be achieved. It cannot be used on overweight or obese patients. For long term conservation of the goals achieved and ongoing improvement, it’s extremely important the patient continues doing physical exercise. Good eating habits are also advisable.

High definition lipolysis is the 21st century esthetics revolution.

Thanks to this technique you’ll be able to several years of gym workouts. Check it out yourself!

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